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The Arabica bean, indigenous to the forests of southwestern highlands of Ethiopia is also found in Brazil, Colombia and India. Our experts hand pick the best coffee berris from these countries. Coffee berries that are green in color are then sun dried to give coffee beans. Coffee Beans are then roasted perfectly to the right degree, to give you Teddy Roosevelt Coffee. Teddy Roosevelt Ground Coffee can be used in machines like Drip Coffee, French press, Espresso & Cold Brew.

At Teddy Roosevelt, we handpick coffee beans that would have impressed Theodore Roosevelt himself. However the amount of coffee to add per cup has puzzled connoisseurs since the early 1900s. Even the slightest change in the amount of coffee significantly changed the taste. After meticulous tastings by coffee connoisseurs, we discovered the right amount of coffee to add to each cup, that is beautifully packed inside in elegant individual servings.

Worlds Best Individually Packed Coffee
Luxury Ground Coffee

30 servings of beautifully packed single origin 100% Arabica Bean Ground Coffee (Filter Coffee). Medium Ground. Medium Roast.

Luxury Instant Coffee

30 servings of beautifully packed single origin Arabica Bean agglomerated Instant Coffee

Our History

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States is counted among America’s great coffee drinkers due to his rumored consumption of a gallon of coffee daily! Roosevelt is also said to have coined the slogan “Good to the Last Drop” after being served the coffee at Andrew Jackson’s historical home, the Hermitage, in Tennessee. A coffee that finally honors his taste.